Perfect Friction formed in early 2012 when five young musicians, who had been playing traditional Irish music sessions together in Wicklow town, decided to enlist the services of a talented vocalist and put a new sound on the road.

The band’s music ranges from high-energy trad sets with a full range of instruments (fiddle, flute, uilleann pipes, concertina, accordion, whistle, bodhran, guitar, bouzouki), to pop and rock songs tastefully arranged with a trad theme. The musicians, hailing from Dublin, Wicklow, and Wexford, include All-Ireland champions and collectively they deliver a sound that will have your foot tapping and will leave you wondering what the magic ingredient is.

Perfect Friction are making their mark on the Irish Music scene having shared the stage with members of The Chieftens, members of The Dubliners, Paul Brady, Francis Black, Aoife Scott, The Keynotes and Elenor McEvoy.

Band Line Up

Louise Kelly (Lead vocals)

Antoin Bracken (guitar/bouzouki)

Debbie Byrne (accordion/backing vocals/irish dancer)

Courtney Cullen (fiddle/whistle/flute)

Lottie Cullen (uilleann pipes/concertina/fiddle)

Robbie Walsh (bodhran/percussion)


Testimonials/Media Quotes

Wicklow News Article re 2015 Summer plans for Perfect Friction
”Perfect Friction, fresh back from a 5 month performance contract with Disney World Orlando Florida and 5 week tour of Germany, are set to take the European folk music scene by storm this summer…”

Perfect Friction get ready for Europe

Brussel’s Tradfest 2015
” We were delighted that Perfect Friction accepted our invitation to perform at Brussel’s first ever Tradfest. Perfect Friction combine clear musical ability with a great on-stage presence. Their set sounds fresh and energetic – they are the face of modern Ireland while drawing on our ancient musical traditions. They were a fantastic addition to our festival.” – Ambassador Mac Aodha (Irish Ambassador to Belgium)
HIFA 2015 Lutin newspaper
”…Perfect Friction, a six-person Irish group that uses a ridiculously wide assortment of instruments.. The heat generated onstage wasn’t simply the eye-catching Irish beauties flirthing with the crowd. Their music was HOT, and the group not only displayed superbly versatile musicianship, but also showmanship on another level. Perfect Friction proved that an Irish band draws a massive and diverse crowd to HIFA, with everyone, from kids as young as 3 years old, to their grandmothers and fathers smiling widely and participating in some energetic foot-stomping.”


Review of Single Release – Irish Love

The Earworm

‘“Irish Love” is the first original single from the accomplished Wicklow-based musicians, who combine traditional Irish music with contemporary pop, creating a fresh and exciting sound.  Written by fiddle player Courtney Cullen, this catchy tune (and I mean insanely catchy – it will be stuck in your head all day while you bop around like you’re the lord of the dance himself – talk about an earworm) makes even the rather depressing topics of emigration and heartache seem like a bit of fun.’


VIDEO: New single by Wicklow musician

”Irish Love’ is the first release by band Perfect Friction and represents a style of music that is sure to strike a chord in anyone with Irish blood in their veins… An all-round feel good tune with the added bonus of a foot stomping melody.’


Review of Perfect Friction Electric Picnic Performance 2014;

”Highlights of our programme include … brilliantly innovative trad from Perfect Friction …Something for everyone, then.”


Electric Picnic 2014 Festival Review

”Couldn’t help overhearing them from the Radio Shack so wandered over to catch a bit of their traditional magic and man, they had a fine crowd jumping about in front of the stage, some fine looking girls playing concertina, fiddles and accordions and two fellows, one with a timely bodhran and the other pumping the sound with the guitar.  Reels and more reels and jigs with a bit of rock n roll and Bothy Band style thrown in for good measure….”


HER.IE writes about Perfect Friction’s Kodaline Cover